Setting up the CARWINGS Telematic Service on your LEAF

One of the interesting features of your Nissan LEAF is its ability to send information up to the Cloud for keeping track of how the car is performing.  This telematic service collects information about your cars electricity consumption, daily distance traveled, number of trips made, energy economy, and how long the car is used daily.  CARWINGS also shows how your LEAF and your driving style compare with other LEAF owners worldwide.  All of this information is available to you via the Nissan Owners Portal.

CARWINGS also provides a cloud-based route planning service that is optimized for the unique issues that LEAF owners must take into consideration when planning a trip, including the car’s battery state of charge, location of chargers, and the best route.  CARWINGS gives the driver the ability to plan their trip on their home computer, and then have the route transmitted and stored on their LEAF for later use.

Before you can take full advantage of CARWINGS, it is important to make sure that your LEAF is properly configured to communicate with the CARWINGS service through the cars built-in cellular data radio.

The following will step you through the screens on your LEAFs Infotainment system to set up the connection so that it happens automatically every time the car is driven.

Please note that these screen shots were taken from a 2012 JDM LEAF and that your screens may vary slightly.  This setup assumes that you have correctly set your CARWINGS username and password that you received when you LEAF was delivered.  Also note, that CARWINGS is not available on the 2013 LEAF S.

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